Abbott knows that when all else fails you go to war

Following in the footsteps of his ideological father, John Howard, Abbott is now begging the US to allow him to get in on the action blowing shit up in Syria. When you’ve reached the limits of your abilities and you’re surrounded by nincompoops, clearly the only way out is to start killing people.

For Howard, 9-11 meant he could get in on blowing up people in Afghanistan and ride the wave to years of electoral success. Abbott, though, doesn’t realise the general public aren’t falling for it a second (or third? fifth?) time because we all know how that turned out:

  • more terrorists than ever before
  • millions dead across several countries
  • mass surveillance of our phone calls and internet
  • militarisation of police
  • loss of civil liberties and right to privacy
  • general widespread unease

Even the US doesn’t know whether they’re winning or what they’re doing is helping.

Can’t Abbott just be content with war on the environment, war on unions, war on science, war on education, war on welfare recipients, war on Aboriginal sovereignty, war on women, war on public spending, war on same-sex couples, war on common sense and war on decency?