Amazon’s delivery drones will get all clear to deliver in 30mins

Fuck pizza (and tipping the delivery person)! Let’s get serious with home delivery.

Despite being a loss making entity, Amazon just keeps going for it. After raising the idea a couple of years ago, it seems that soon they will have their drones delivering to your home in 30mins:

“Commercial drone operations like Amazon’s highly-touted delivery service could commence in about a year, according to a senior official from the Federal Aviation Administration. FAA Deputy Administrator Michael Whitaker told a congressional committee on Wednesday the necessary regulations for commercial UAVs to operate in public airspace will “be in place within a year.” “

Now, you could say the US military isn’t entirely comfortable with the development. We all know what they can do with a drone or two (ie rain down death and destruction), so obviously they genuinely fear the geek hobbyist with a few hundred bucks.

Just days before a drunken operator landed a small drone on the Whitehouse lawn (sending security into a frenzy), a Department of Homeland Security summit on drone ‘danger’ was being held:

“The officials played videos of low-cost drones firing semi-automatic weapons, revealed that Syrian rebels are importing consumer-grade drones to launch attacks, and flashed photos from an exercise that pitted $5,000 worth of drones against a convoy of armored vehicles. (The drones won.)”

In response, and likely due to ‘pressure’ DJI, the world leader in everyday dronery (check out their stuff) introduced mandatory firmware into their equipment which geoblocks their drones from flying too close to sensitive Washington areas. Problem solved (ie not really).

Like so many things these days, and as Bollo would say, I got a bad feeling about this.

When the technology needs of a $multi-billion organisation and the market clash with the military things get interesting. And when that technology is accessible to basically everyone with a $few hundred things get really interesting.