Bishop takes political satire to the next level at Charlie Hebdo offices

Wow, just as we thought the LNP’s zany highjinkery had reached dizzying heights, they go and – again! – take things to the next level, this time in the field of political satire.

Yes, in an all-too-clever move, Julie Bishop presented Charlie Hebdo with a David Pope cartoon. That’s right, the one who did this stuff:

See what she did there?

You might be surprised to know that she’s not a fan of Pope. Shocker, right?! However – here’s the clever bit – in selecting Pope’s cartoon she is presenting a powerful symbolic message that she has absolutely no problem (one is expected to presume) with him exquisitely and completely accurately portraying the hateful, idiotic bigotry, nastiness and incompetance of her government, thereby illustrating just how different her people are from those maniacal-hate-our-values-terrorist-evil-doers. Take that IS!

The charade that Western governments believe in free speech etc etc blah blah blah continues, although Bishop is certainly late to the party. As outrageous as the murders of Charlie Hebdo staff were, it is beyond hypocritical for Western leaders to shamelessly suggest that they actually stand for freedom of expression while reserving the right the bomb the living crap out of anywhere at any time… you know, for freedom.

And as Bishop showed, she’s not just a death stare black-belt– she even blabbed something about croissants (Charlie Hebdo offices are located in France, you see) and kept a straight face through the whole thing!

Perhaps best to leave the last word with David Pope himself: