For the 1% of the 1%: new Forbes/Tinder app to ensure wealth stays confined to a particular gene pool

forbes-app-450x800If the gated communities, paywalls, instituted private property and armed guards weren’t enough, Forbes and Tinder are doing their bit to ensure wealth stays confined to a particular gene pool:

“The Forbes Under 30 app, which was developed in-house by Forbes with support from Tinder, will officially launch during the second annual Forbes Under 30 Summit in Philadelphia, October 4-7, 2015.

“Forbes’ 30 Under 30 lists bring together the most influential and accomplished young entrepreneurs and game changers. Our Under 30 app is a tool we developed to better connect, empower and mobilize this community to help change the world,” said Salah Zalatimo, Head of Mobile Products at Forbes.

The app will feature activity feeds, member directories, messaging, notifications and opportunities for business networking among Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list members.  Content on the app will be developed for and by Forbes 30 Under 30 list members and may appear on an Under 30 channel that is set to launch on in October.”

Source: Forbes Announces Launch Of Social Networking App For Its Under 30 Community Members