G20 opens new hellmouth under Brisbane

The word ‘evil’ gets bandied about a lot these days. Any good christian philosopher will tell you there’s no such thing, that ‘evil’ is just a name for a particular set of material problems, but i think it is a reasonable descriptor for those Protected Persons who are dragging us all closer to the (or ‘an’, or perhaps ‘one of several’) apocalypse.

To protect those Protected Persons from… terrorists, i guess, there will be 5000 coppers and 900 army types, plus various other storm-ninjas (that is a thing) running about Brisbane’s cbd. The fun-stoppers have been told to prepare for 1000 arrests, complete with 24-hour courts and pre-emptive detention. Can’t have the people interfering in their own affairs. Can’t have scallywags raising uncomfortably ‘not economic’ subjects like climate change. One wonders if the $400 million cost of this week-long police state includes a little team australia sample bag for the delegates, complete with lumps of black coal and dead coral.

Officially the G20 is about “growing the global economy”, which is of course a euphemism for a long list of crimes against the planet and humanity. So screw those guys.

To those protesting outside the red zone: don’t get beat up too much, and may your aim be true.

I read all this stuff in the brisbane times and the courier mail, i shit you not.

Let’s go back to George Brandis. Was that a mistake, Team Australia?