Heydon wants to eat your future

It has now become obvious: Dark Lord Dyson Heydon’s relentless agenda won’t end until he has eaten our future. His long history of sucking all he can from his immediate surrounds and the judiciary is taking on more disturbing proportions as he nears death.

His trajectory is clear:

  • 2003: His appointment to the High Court by Howard terminates all women from the bench
  • 2012: He sides with Abbott over federal funding of school chaplains
  • 2012: He sides with British American Tobacco against plain packaging
  • 2015: He continues to suck his $1 million salary while he works out if he is biased against unions

Today, of course, he is one of the Liberal Party’s most loyal soldiers in the war on collectivism. As Abbot races the electoral clock to destroy as much of society and our future as he can, he can be sure that he has a committed and loyal servant in Heydon who cares not for himself, only that all that is decent must be obliterated.

Who will stop this evil maniac? Where is King Communism when you need it/them?