It’s as SIM-ple as hack

From CTOE contributor-at-large Nicky Two-Fingers:

Finally! …our big brothers at GCHQ/NSA have decided to protect us against ourselves. If you’re anything like me, and can’t help but constantly slip into crimethink mode, you’ll be pleased to hear there’s an app for that. It seems our spooky friends have been working to infect firmware and potentially billions of SIM cards at their source: the point of production…

…for which I’m eternally greatful. I keep having these uninvited visions of getting-busy-with-it on bourgeois ass with my trusty pitchfork, and, you know, a world free of want, war and mandatory detention and stuff. The compulsion’s so strong it even happened to me during Hate Week. Thank god someone’s looking over my shoulder (and into my circuits).

In eternally compromised privacy,