Name Withheld

If you’re a fan of the (science fictional) concepts of evidence-based policy and privacy, you may feel conflicted about the census. Electronic Frontiers Australia has some useful pointers.

Nerds who are also godless communists may also feel conflict answering the one question on the goddamn thing that isn’t compulsory. We all enjoy a good argument about whether Pastafarianism is a real religion, are jedi just terrorists etc. Suffice to say that putting down ‘atheist’ hardly does justice to the boundless boundaries of thought that us freedom of conscience types like to explore (what about the Voidist? The Punk-Nihilist? What ABS official will heed the cry of the Lapsed Satanist?), nor will it make conservative politicians want to give less money to institutions for the torture of children, such as private schools.

Because evidence of injustice does not pique their interest. They may be interested however in your political affiliations or which sky father you prefer.  Or if you’re paranoid about that company that made punch cards for the Nazis, who is helping with the census. Historically this information has not been used to make the world a better place. We know politicians are not to be trusted. Neither is the machinery.