New NSA documents reveal plans to deliver malware through the Google Play store

A 2012 National Security Agency presentation obtained from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden—details efforts by the NSA, Canada’s Communications Security Establishment (CSE), and the other “Five Eyes” allies to identify the “fingerprints” of communications between mobile devices and app stores.

The capabilities were developed during two collaborative workshops: one in November 2011 hosted by the Australian Signals Directorate, and the other hosted by Canada’s CSE in February 2012.

“Perhaps the biggest takeaway from the leaked document is that the NSA and other intelligence agencies discovered that third-party app stores—many of them poorly secured and some of them for jailbroken devices—are the primary source of apps for many countries. If you get malware on your device after downloading an app from one of those stores, it might not be the app developer’s fault.”

Source: There’s an app for that: How NSA, allies exploit mobile app stores