Not the End of Satire


The silver lining to $250 million being cut from the ABC is watching malcolm turnbull’s body, soul and ambitions slowly withering away, as he fails to defend Tony’s bullshit on Q&A. If only the roast was still on to say something funny. A small consolation is that the government is still a wellspring of satire, but now they are writing the jokes. Witness C. Pyne’s (still this nation’s number one stand up comic) brilliant spoof petition to save the abc (but only in SA):

And of course the finance minister: “We are not making cuts,” it’s an efficiency dividend. Ha! Nice one minister!

If you miss the roast, or even if you missed it entirely, it’s all on youtube, fartbook, etc. Soon to be joined by the rest of abc2.

It is an absolute principle of democracy that governments should not and must not say one thing before an election and do the opposite afterwards.