Psychopaths ‘to keep order’ after nuclear attack…

Some ‘interesting’ material released by the UK National Archives showed that in 1982 the Home Office were considering some novel approaches to nuclear armageddon.

As part of non-Marvel-Comics-copyrighted  ‘Operation Regenerate‘ (no, seriously!) it was suggested that psychopaths might be recruited to run things in the event of a major nuclear holocaust… you know, because psychopaths would be:

‘very good in crises … they have no feelings for others, nor moral code, and tend to be very intelligent and logical’

I guess they ignored the slight possibility that perhaps the people responsible for developing, storing and deploying these weapons might also logically have been recruitment targets?

Aaaaanyway, sure, the option was eventually dismissed, but let’s think this through properly before we write it off as weirdo Cold War stuff. Maybe our modern End of Days thinking could do with some tweaking?

Let’s get into the ’82 Home Office headspace and imagine a more current doomsday scenario:

Commissar: Your brief is to come up with strategies for keeping the order in the event of a major crisis such as a widespread ebola outbreak or natural disaster on the scale of Hurricane Katrina.

Wonk: Well, those sane and normal folks running the financial markets and winning that War on Terror couldn’t do the job properly… obviously. I dunno, maybe we just throw some psychopaths at the situation?

Holy frak! I may not sleep tonight… again!