Is it over yet?

If you haven’t had your fill of Gallipo-fest tat yet (add ‘commemoration fatigue‘ to the list of things making you tired this week), there’s a nice piece at New Matilda via the honest folk at Honest History about how much this celebration of the invasion of someone else’s country on behalf of another country (which, if you think about it, does actually ‘define the nation’ pretty neatly, right?) is costing us. Spoiler alert: about $400 million. That’s a truckload of stuffed digger teddy bears (why not a fucking koala?) to be pushed out the doors of Aussie Post, almost enough to drown any actual real history in.

A few (partial) critiques have snuck into the mainstream though, such as Sam Neil’s doco. In NZ it has the much more honest title ‘Tides of Blood’.

But if you’ve got friends or relos who are of the “they died for our freedoms!” bent, you could try slipping a copy of ‘What’s Wrong with Anzac?‘ into their memorial esky, or point them towards that other war that ‘defined the national spirit’. You know which one.