Worse than poor Andrew

Some of you may have seen this amazing exchange on lateline wednesday night. Our dear leader Tony saw it, and thought it was “feisty”.

Here’s something stupid he said the other day:

“Well certainly if poor old Andrew Bolt is prosecuted for a mild, relatively mild piece … if we are looking for objectionable speech, the kind of stuff we’re hearing from Hizb ut-Tahrir is infinitely more objectionable than anything you’d ever hear from Andrew Bolt,” Mr Abbott replied.

So they wanna ban this particular group, probably because they say objectionable stuff like this on tv:

“I believe 100 per cent that the Australian public will see through the rhetoric. Tony Abbott and others who adopt his script are famous for their dog-whistle politics, are famous for their policies around marginalisation and xenophobia. That’s not a – that’s not some great, new revelation. They campaign on this basis specifically because they don’t want to confront the truth, and the truth is it is not Muslims who are occupying foreign lands, it is not Muslims who are killing millions of civilians and it is not Muslims who are shaking hands with barbaric tyrants …”

The pm’s usage of “mild” and “objectionable” may be a little broader than the average. Meanwhile the mild and presumably unobjectionable not-war australia is not-fighting is costing $500 million/year. Good thing hockey’s budget is not-tanking.

Anywho, mad as hell is back on. If you watch it you might get to see the above: Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young cover band Vader, Wayne, Gimp and El Burro.

We will spend what we need to spend to defend the nation