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What is this ‘CTOE’ you speak of?

In the ‘back area’ of a local haunt, a rag-tag fugitive grouplet of leftists conspired to finally channel their centuries of collective experience into the form of a website (accessed by a variety of communication devices). Below one can divine from the string of words their train of thought(less/ful-ness) that led to the planning and development of this site.

Confusion to our enemies!

Logans what?
Soylent run

Sleepers Wake! story in the above world

Snowden files
Hack this site . beer
Beer biscuits
Revolutionary biscuits of . Italy
Revolutionary biscuits of . beer

Social cohesion event

Up swing

Revolutionary coherence event

The League of Extraordinary Communists

The league of the extraordinarily just

The singularity is a lie
Singular revolution


Invisible fist

Congenital galaxies
Some hot sauce

Hand me that zap gun again

You see how hard this

The human problem
Triffids versus zombies
Let’s talk about bagels all day


House of yachts . pain
The house of painful
Wang revolutions
You can’t stop us all
How to do this . Wang
My new filing technique is unstoppable
Going the distance.Wang
The holy order of Poppins
Conspiracy of sequels
The many headed wang.hydra
What is it about those peasants?
The stars our destination
Cosmically broad
Tiger tiger
Hells my destination
Professor spurr.Wang
We are spurr
We are Wang sperm
Students for a democratic solar system
Confusion to our enemies
Confusion to the space ark
Confusion to


And there you have it.
23rd October 2014